Our Approach

Our approach will be to conduct each engagement using our proven, three-phased methodology within the standards established by the AICPA. It is important to note, however, that our engagement team will first obtain an understanding of your business before executing our proven methodology. Additionally, we coordinate the logistics of the engagement with your personnel to acquire the necessary information to complete the engagement objectives.

Phase I – Planning and Scoping

The objectives of this initial phase are to refine and finalize the scope of the audit work to be performed and to develop a suitable work plan. This will take into account business requirements and constraints of the organization, including identifying controls based on our risk assessment.

Phase 2 – Fieldwork

Once controls have been identified and documented by the client, fieldwork begins, and we will:

  • Confirm that stated control procedures are still valid and apply to the environment
  • Test the stated control procedures for design and/or operating effectiveness
  • Document the results and conclusion

Phase 3 – Reporting of Results

After fieldwork is completed, we prepare and provide a draft report to client management for final input. Once all input is received from our client, we prepare and issue the final report. In general, any exceptions we find are communicated in the following manner:

  • Real time as issues are identified
  • Weekly status meetings with Management
  • The draft and final report